Screen Printing

Who would have guessed that a screen printing company would provide top quality screen printing? All jokes aside- We are a screen printing company that prides itself on the quality of work produced. We make our own screens. We have a completely custom set-up that was designed to streamline efficiency for our orders. This efficiency helps us save time and money and those savings are passed on to you. We have invested in some of the highest quality equipment and employees around so that we can make sure that your order is taken care of to meet your expectations.


Expert Graphic Design

Jay Street Ink is built on the belief that hard work and determination are some of the most crucial building blocks to success. With this in mind we have made sure that everyone who works on our staff has a strong of understanding of all of the graphic design processes used from start to finish in an order. 

In addition to this we have some of the most creative minds available on our staff as well as an expert in Graphic Design who has over a decade of his own experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more programs. The long and short of it is that we know what we are doing and can base any custom art pricing off of the some of the best minds available. Also- we sometimes photoshop people in ridiculous situations for greeting cards and all that, so feel free to ask. 




Retail Consulting

I know this seems like a strange thing for a small screen printing shop to offer, but among our staff there are multiple individuals with finance and economic degrees who just love the stuff. If you are trying to break into a market for artisan workout shirts, or you have your own cross-fit class that you want to really expand with some wearable marketing- just talk to us. When you grow we grow. We know how all of the price points work for retail and can even help set up an online presence for your fledgling business in the form of a sweet retail space or even a full website. 

Pricing for retail consulting is largely based on the work needed and in most cases can be rolled into whatever print/graphic design order you already have with us. We are looking to make a profit as a business, but more than that we are looking to make a difference and help people grown theirs too. So don't worry about asking us any questions. We are all ready and willing to help with whatever you need.

Heat Press Designs

Our shop is equipped with a top of the line heat press set up for the quicker, more clip-art oriented orders. We do most of our teams' numbers with the heat press as well and, because of the quality of the transfers we use, have never had a complaint.

Seriously, the heat press print will last longer than the natural life of the shirt, so if this is the route you plan to take don't worry about quality. 



Delivery (Most of the time it's free!)

We like to hand deliver orders. I don't know why, but seeing someone look at their merchandise and get all excited about it just makes us happy. So we deliver anywhere in Boston and to most of the surrounding areas for free.

Another reason for the delivery is that things get lost in the mail. UPS, USPS, FedEX, and whoever else- they always seem to put a note on the door instead of ringing your bell. Or worse- they just leave a big brown box of shirts out in the rain in front of your home and hope nobody takes it and that it isn't ruined. We try to get rid of that worry as much as possible. 

We do get pretty good gas mileage but make sure you ask before you finalize your order to make sure that a team member will be available on a specific date and time to get an order delivered. 



Pop-Up Retail Shops

Have you ever had to sell T-Shirts at an event? We have. And we can attest to the amount of work it is as well as how tedious it can be. No doubt you have wondered why someone else wasn't working the booth/table/whatever for you. Have no fear.

Jay Street Ink will do it for you. We have no problem going to an event and selling merchandise that we have made. Pricing and availability may vary, but no matter what we are willing to help in any way we can. If it's a charity, if there is food involved, if there is live music at the event- just let us know. These things usually drop the price a bit because everyone likes to help, get fed, and listen to some tunes while they work. 

We can bring in the tables and chairs, a card reader for the event, storage for leftover items, as well as inventory systems that will keep you up to date on what you need to order next time.